from by KRANIUS



It’s all same everywhere go everywhere I see
Just another state of reality
Long time that I have seen and heard
False hope blind faith its all obsurd
Give your soul to gods that are not real
Forget humanity needs to heal
Are you the one who said to me
You cannot change what will be will be

I feel Im falling
I can’t stop my heart from

It’s all the same no hope for us there’s no way out
I stand alone I scream and shout
My voice alone you cannot hear
Head on I scream In the face of fear
Pulled under drowing in the tide
Emotions deep I have to hide
They dwell within and torture me
I only wish that you could see

I feel Im from falling
I can’t stop my heart from

Born into fire I feel this hate
Will this world ever change
As I look up on the souls
Lost and wandering alone
Look in there eyes and see there pain
Wishing they could just go insane
Feeling hopelessness inside
No where in this world can they hide

It’s all the same every where I go everwhere I see
I know how to change this reality
You were wrong in what u said to me
We control our lives we can be free
No more will I be torn in two
My fate’s my own screw all of you
You can have your god’s that are not real
Coz I know now reason why im here




from KRANIUS - LIVE @ Manchester Academy, released June 19, 2010


all rights reserved


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